child with broken arm, cast, urgent careNot so long ago, when your seven-year-old fell out of the tree and broke his arm, your only recourse was the Emergency Room.  There you were offered an ice pack to place on the break, and had to wait for hours until it was your turn to be seen.  But no longer is this your only choice.  Now you can see an ER doctor without the lengthy wait.

Physicians Urgent Care in Franklin, TN , brings quality medical services to the residents of Williamson County.  Come on in, and you or your family member can be seen within a fraction of the time you’d expect in an ER, and be charged a fraction of the cost, as well.  While time and expense are both less, the patient care is no less than exceptional.  Staffed with actual ER doctors, the goal of Physicians Urgent Care is to provide high quality health care with the utmost skill and personal attention.

Equipped with the latest resources that allow for precise diagnosis and treatment, Physicians Urgent Care is fully prepared to cover a wide range of illnesses and injuries.  With on-site X-ray, in-house lab, and private treatment rooms, you are guaranteed the best level of care at our walk-in clinic. With no appointment necessary and open 7 days a week, illnesses, fractures, and serious lacerations that most doctor offices can’t accommodate are attended to with an exceptional level of skill and sensitivity.

Providing efficient, affordable, and trustworthy medical attention for children, adults, and seniors, Physicians Urgent Care, in Franklin, Tennessee, is a mission of healing when your health is in jeopardy. The next time you experience a need for emergency care, come to your nearest Physicians Urgent Care, where our Franklin patients are the focus of attention.

Physicians Urgent Care
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