Halloween Safety Tips Franklin, TN Urgent CareHaving fun on Halloween follows only Christmas and their own birthday for days that make kids happy. But what was, in the past, a carefree evening for kids in the neighborhood has become a night of concern for parents everywhere.

There has to be a balance in the mix of how to allow your children to have a great evening of innocent fun and still manage to keep them safe from harm. There are ways to make it work, and parents can incorporate several Halloween safety tips that will give them peace of mind while the kiddos have an exciting night.

Let’s look at some ideas that afford both parents and children just what they’re looking for on Halloween.


Visibility is a major concern for parents and drivers after dark. Dress your children in light-colored costumes, and add strips of reflective tape to both the front and back of the costume. Flashlights or glow sticks are also a good idea for the kiddos to carry. Together these “tricks” will make the kids easier to be seen.

Remind your children of general safety rules for crossing the streets when they are out for Halloween. If they’ll check both ways before stepping out into the street, and have their flashlight and reflective clothing, they’ll see cars before there is danger, and drivers will be able to see them.

Costume Considerations

Well-fitting costumes that are the right length for your child protect him from tripping over his own clothes, lessening the risk of falls. She may want to wear high heeled shoes, but she’ll be safer and more comfortable in flatter-soled footwear.

Flame-retardant costumes, whether of manufactured fireproof fibers, or through chemical treatment, will help keep kids safe. Do-it-yourself sprays are also available if you make up the costume from home clothing.

Face-painting wins out over a mask in offering children a full field of vision. If a mask is part of the costume, be certain the eye holes are large enough for good range of vision, and that the nose holes allow for easy breathing.

Name tags that include a phone number may be a good precaution.


Feed your children well before they go out to gather treats. This will help them to follow your rule of not eating any of their candy until they return home and you have opportunity to examine it. After you’ve gone through everything, let them know that eating only a few pieces of candy at a time allows the treats to last longer. Not that anyone really expects that “trick” to work, but you can always try.


For ultimate protection and peace of mind, accompany your children on Halloween. Take a group for even more fun together. If you are unable to go with your kids, pay a trusted teen-ager to herd them for you. Remind them that they are not to go into any houses, nor get into any vehicles with strangers. Only going to doors where the home’s porch light burns is a good rule to follow.

Halloween safety is important to us all. Following these few tips can go a long way to making this Halloween a happy night for everyone. And when you tuck your children safely into bed, remember—only a few pieces of candy at a time!

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