Flu Shots Franklin TN Urgent CareAre you feeling “under the weather?” Cold and flu season is upon us, and if you’re runny nose or nagging cough has turned into a full-blown cold, then it may be time to drop by Physicians Urgent Care for a tune-up. Flu symptoms often start the same as a cold, but do you know when you’ve crossed over into the realm of influenza?

Cold or the Flu?

Both a cold and the flu may give you a sore throat, runny nose, chest congestion and a cough, but the flu will add a fever, muscle soreness and a headache. Cold symptoms usually last about a week with a contagious period of around 3 days. Flu symptoms usually last about the same amount of time (roughly 5 days) but are usually more severe and often leave you feeling run down for a week or more.

Taking precautions such as washing your hands and getting plenty of sleep during the cold and flu months is always wise, but if you haven’t yet had your seasonal flu vaccine, it’s not too late to get one. If you’re miserable with the symptoms of a cold or the flu, or want to get a flu shot to keep from feeling miserable later, come into the Physicians Urgent Care clinic in Franklin, Tennessee. We can help you find relief when you’re feeling the aches and discomfort of cold or flu-like symptoms. Open seven days a week with no appointments necessary, our experienced medical staff is here to help you.

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