Hydration is the key to summer fun in the sun - Physicians Urgent Care

The beauty of spring brings about warm weather and active kids. We slather them with sunscreen and send them into the great outdoors. Physicians Urgent Care wants to remind you that when the temperature rises and kids are at play, dehydration becomes a concern.

When their bodies heat up during play at the park or during practice on the field, children sweat less than adults, making it harder for them to cool down. This can ultimately lead to dehydration. Kids don’t think to drink as much as they should when they’re wrapped up in having fun, and that can compound the problem of dehydration quickly.

With dehydration comes the threat of heat-related illnesses. Do you know the warning signs?

  • A dry or sticky-feeling mouth
  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Immediate treatment for mild dehydration is to drink water or sports drinks to re-hydrate the child. Confusion, rapid breathing and a rapid heartbeat signify a more severe dehydration and is a medical emergency. Seek care for your child immediately!

Preventative Tips

If your child is an athlete or is just headed out to play in high temperatures, make sure he or she has plenty to drink before heading out of the house. Send a water bottle to practice in case water is not readily available. Children on the sports field or at the playground should take regular beverage breaks; breaking for fluids every twenty minutes is recommended.

Speak with the coach about scheduling practice and games in the morning or later in the afternoon when the temperatures are more bearable. Dress your children in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing when they’re out in the heat.

Physicians Urgent Care encourages parents to teach children the warning signs of dehydration and to make sure kids drink fluids before, during and after play. Keep them hydrated – keep them in the game.

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