Back to School Tips Physicians Urgent Care Brentwood, TNYou’re ready for them to go back to school. And you’re getting them ready to start the school year. Marking off the list of “must haves”: pencils, markers, note books, school books, backpack, and new clothes – for getting started. And one last family vacation weekend fling together before everyone is in a new grade.  As you check your list once more, your mind wanders to how to keep your children healthy through the coming school year. Physicians Urgent Care in Brentwood and Franklin Tennessee provide these tips to help you avoid the illnesses that come with kids going back to school.

There are some time-honored practices that serve to protect your youngsters from contacting, and from sharing, air-borne illnesses. Instill these as habits in your kiddos and help them stay healthy through the school year.

  1. “Wash your mittens, you darling kittens.” Does it get simpler? The habit of hand-washing goes the distance in guarding your little ones, and everyone, from germs. Teach your children to wash their hands with warm water and soap each time they use the bathroom, after recess and gym class, if at all possible, and before meal times. These habits will become ingrained, and you’ll have healthier kids.
  1. Teach your children that, while sharing is the right thing to do, they must not share their water bottle, drinking glass, or straw with their buddies.
  1. Make sure the children have breakfast before they leave home to start the school day. If a sit-down breakfast is out of the question, the meal can be on-the-go. A breakfast bar high in protein and drinkable yogurt give your kiddos a power-start to their morning. And include a chewable vitamin.
  1. A lunch box packed with easy, interesting, and healthy items will tempt your kiddos to eat. Finger foods might be best, and making each offering as convenient to eat as possible will go a long way. Include an icepack for safety’s sake.
  1. Get them moving after school. After a day of sitting and stress, kids need exercise to burn off some energy before sitting down to homework. And a quick snack of fruits and veggies before dinner will serve them well when they come home, too.
  1. The habit of a regular bedtime during the school year is important for your children’s health. Lights out, electronics off, eyes closed. Good luck, but give it the best shot. It truly is important.
  1. When your little ones are ill, keep them home. Remember the no-share rule. It goes for illnesses, too. Teach them to cough and sneeze into their elbow (or a Kleenex) rather than into their hands. Have them keep a Kleenex in their pocket for nose-blowing when they have the sniffles. And instruct them to not rub their eyes, that their unwashed “mittens” carry germs that can make them feel really lousy.
  1. Make sure that vaccinations are up-to-date, and keep the records in a secure place. Vision and hearing screenings prior to starting the school year could catch something you’ve missed and give your child the foundation for learning that every child needs – being able to see and hear in the classroom.

When you or a family member is ill or injured, come into your local Physicians Urgent Care in Brentwood or Franklin, Tennessee. You’ll be seen quickly by an ER physician at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit. And no appointment is necessary. Our care givers are ready to treat you well. When you need us, we’re in the neighborhood. Because your children staying healthy through the school year is your goal and ours.