Most people never think about their sinuses until they get infected. Your sinuses are six pockets within your skull, and they’re positioned behind your face. Mucus circulates through them, purifying the air you inhale. Small hairs called cilia keep that mucus moving in and out.

When you suffer a sinus infection, one of the most common upper respiratory infections, your sinuses get inflamed, trapping mucus inside them. Viruses usually induce this condition, though bacteria are sometimes the cause. In some cases, fungi, allergies, toxic materials in the air, bone spurs, polyps, malfunctioning cilia or deviated septums lead to this problem.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the sinus infection symptoms below, or if you have an intense symptom like double vision or extreme pain, visit Physicians Urgent Care in Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee today!

Major sinus infection symptoms are as follows:

1. Your Nose Is Blocked

Your nose is stuffed and running, and it could stay this way for more than a week. Plus, its discharge is a different color than normal.

2. Your Head and Face Hurt

If you have a sinus-related headache, you might feel pressure or soreness throughout your face, and it might be especially painful behind your forehead, cheeks and eyes. Jaw aches and toothaches can indicate sinus infections as well.

3. Your Throat Hurts

Sore throats frequently accompany sinus infections. In part, that’s due to excess mucus falling down the throat, which is called postnasal drip.

4. You’re Coughing

That postnasal drip can also trigger coughing, and your coughing spells could be more intense at night.

5. You Have a Fever

Your fever might be mild or severe. In particular, children often suffer from high fevers when they have sinus infections.

6. You Feel Tired and Sick

Maybe you’re battling nausea or dull, widespread pain, or maybe you just can’t wait to go to bed.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to mistake sinus infections for colds, as the symptoms are similar. However, fevers, toothaches and facial aches are not typically associated with colds. Also, if you have a cold, a decongestant that you buy over the counter should clear away your stuffiness. By contrast, with a sinus infection, such a medicine will probably have little or no effect.

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