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Did you know that fires and burns are the 3rd leading cause of accidental home injury deaths? Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a safe place, but it can also be a place in which many injuries can occur if you fail to take the proper precautions. One the most common injuries that can occur in a home is a burn injury, and one of the places people get burned the most is in the kitchen.

By taking the necessary precautions when cooking or using other kitchen items, and following a few safety rules, you can greatly reduce the risk of you or a loved one sustaining a burn injury.

  1. Don’t wear loose fitted clothing near open flames from the stove.
  2. Always use potholders and oven mitts that are in good condition when removing hot pans or pots from the stove.
  3. Don’t leave potholders, oven mitts or other flammable materials near the stove when it is on.
  4. Don’t overfill pots with water or other liquid to keep them from boiling over.
  5. Always use a lid or mesh screen over pots and pans on the stove to avoid hot great splatter.
  6. Don’t lean directly over pots when removing the lid; the steam could be scalding.
  7. Don’t leave food that’s still cooking unattended, especially fried or grilled foods. The heat of the pot or pan may rise higher than you thought, causing the handle to deliver an unexpected burn.
  8. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen in case of flare-ups or electrical fires.
  9. If you have small children, don’t use a dainty tablecloth, which can be easily pulled out. This can lead to a burn injury when hot food or drinks on the table falls on them.
  10. Keep all flammable items and substances out of the kitchen. For example, air fresheners should not be used in the kitchen when the stove is on.

Often burn injuries that occur in the kitchen and other areas of the home typically happen when a person stops paying attention or acts in an unsafe manner. Even the smallest burn injury can be painful and severe, so it’s important to practice proper safety at all times when working and handling hot objects and kitchen appliances.

If you sustain a minor burn injury at home, be sure to stop by your neighborhood Physicians Urgent Care in Brentwood, TN or Franklin, TN to be seen right away. Our well-trained, superstar doctors and staff are available seven days a week, with not appointment necessary. Get compassionate, emergency room care at a fraction of the cost without the long wait.

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