(Franklin, Tennessee) May 1, 2020 – The Urgent Care Association (UCA) has declared May as Urgent Care Awareness Month. Physicians Urgent Care welcomes neighbors in Williamson County to learn more about how urgent care can benefit their health and lives.

Just like you may have seen in Williamson County, the urgent care industry has continued to expand across the country. According to the most recent UCA Benchmarking report, there are now more than 9,600* centers serving communities nationwide. These centers are helping to meet the needs of consumers on their schedules while alleviating overcrowding in emergency rooms. This is especially important during the current global pandemic, as urgent care centers stand poised to assist their communities during this difficult time.

With the rapid growth of the industry, one thing is clear: consumers demand the convenience, high-quality care and affordability offered at urgent care centers.

However, many patients still are not aware of how valuable urgent care can be for a wide variety of common medical needs – which compelled UCA to declare May as a month of education and awareness.

“Urgent Care Awareness Month recognizes the growth of our industry, and lets our neighbors all across the country know that urgent care centers are ready and available to make their lives easier and healthier,” said Nabil Boutros, MD at Physicians Urgent Care. “When you or someone in your family has a common illness, a non-life threatening injury, or one of many other medical needs, urgent care centers are great options.”

Urgent care centers like Physicians Urgent Care are an ideal choice for medical situations that require immediate attention, such as sprains, broken bones, flu, colds and other common illness. Consumers agree – as an average of 14,000 patients visit each urgent care center each year.

Urgent care is proving its vital role in the healthcare landscape – with surging growth to better serve the ever-increasing patient base. Consumers increasingly desire more flexibility from their healthcare providers and want convenient, affordable, high-quality treatment during the evenings and weekends – hours that work best for their schedules. Episodic illness or injury may demand medical attention at a time when a primary care provider cannot fit the patient in for a visit; urgent care serves that walk-in need.

With Urgent Care Awareness Month, Physicians Urgent Care aims to educate consumers – and others in the healthcare industry – about the importance of urgent care in the healthcare spectrum.

“We want patients to know there are a growing number of local options for medical situations that require prompt attention, but are non-life threatening,” said Dr. Boutros “While urgent care will never take the place of a primary care doctor for ongoing or chronic care, and is not a replacement for the emergency room in life- or limb-threatening situations, the thousands of urgent care centers across the country bridge the gap between these options and provide an affordable, convenient choice for many common medical issues.”

*The full 2019 Benchmarking Survey, which addresses other industry topics including differences in urgent care centers by region, characteristics of urgent care centers based on types of ownership and various revenue correlations, is available for purchase by both members and non-members – including media – on the UCA website here.

About Physicians Urgent Care

Middle Tennessee’s local physician-owned and operated urgent care clinic has three locations across Williamson County in Franklin, Berry Farms and Brentwood. With full time physician oversight, on-site digital X-Ray, on-site lab testing and procedure rooms, Physicians Urgent Care can treat many conditions typical walk-in clinics or physician offices cannot.  Along with general primary care and urgent care services, they can treat broken bones, provide stitches, do EKGs and offer ultrasound-guided joint injections. The clinic currently employs Medical Doctors, Emergency Physicians, Primary Care Physicians, Internists, Doctors of Osteopathy, Sports Medicine Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers, including Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants. All protocols, clinical care, medical decisions and procedures are directed by Emergency Physicians and Primary Care Physicians. Advanced Practice Providers have direct access to and interact with these physicians all day, every day.

Services include: 

  • Walk-In Urgent Care
  • Primary Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy
  • Telemedicine

We are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Accepting most major insurance plans.To contact us, reserve your spot or view our operating hours click here.

About the Urgent Care Association

The Urgent Care Association (UCA) is a membership association of leaders, providers and suppliers in the field of on-demand, consumer-focused healthcare. UCA advances the industry and supports member success through advocacy, research, education, collaboration and high standards of care. The association maintains an active online presence and member community for daily exchange of best practices. For more information visit www.ucaoa.org.