What is a primary care provider?

A primary care provider, also known as a PCP, is a healthcare practitioner trained to provide general but comprehensive medical care and often takes a holistic approach to health promotion, health maintenance, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and patient education. They often serve as the first point of contact for a patient’s health needs and strive to provide a supportive role as the main patient advocate and, when needed, the facilitator of specialist referrals and care. They are uniquely skilled at balancing multiple diagnoses, treatment plans, and medications.

Why do I need a primary care provider?

Finding a good primary care provider is important and has a lot of benefits for helping you live a healthier, longer life and achieve your goals.

  • Preventative care to help you stay on top of your health.
  • Routine screenings can find problems faster and easier.
  • Easily manage common, acute conditions such as infections (skin, urinary, respiratory), rashes, and headaches.
  • Long-term management of chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, allergies, anxiety, and depression.
  • Higher level of comfort – it is easier to talk to a provider that you are familiar with.
  • Lower health care costs.
  • Fewer visits to the emergency room.
  • Your health history record will be kept in one place.

How do I find a primary care provider?

Physicians Urgent Care now offers Primary Care appointments in Brentwood, TN! Meet our providers and easily make a primary care appointment on your phone, tablet or desktop by clicking here. We accept most major insurance plans and have X-Ray and Labs onsite for your convenience.