Physicians Urgent Care is the only clinic in Williamson County that is locally-owned by emergency room physicians. 

In 2011, there were almost no options in Middle Tennessee for patients who were sick but not sick enough to be in the ER. They couldn’t get in with their primary care doctor or it was the weekend or after-hours. We were experiencing that ourselves with our own families. All of us worked in the emergency department and we knew it also isn’t great for the ER to be bottle-necked with sicknesses that weren’t truly an “emergency.” Our vision was to start a walk-in clinic that could see 90% of what we were seeing in the ER. But we also wanted it to be accessible like an ER—open seven days a week before and after the work day, for walk-in patients only, and with on-site labs and X-Rays.

Today, we have three clinics in Williamson County – Franklin, Brentwood and Berry Farms. We employ Medical Doctors, Internists, Doctors of Osteopathy, Sports Medicine Physicians and physician extenders like Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants. All our protocols, clinical care, medical decisions and procedures are directed by ER physicians, which means that our medical professionals have the ability to interact with the physicians all day, every day.