Celebrate National Safety Month By Buckling Up

Posted by on May 29, 2015

National Safety Month - Physicians Urgent Care - Brentwood, TNCelebrating National Safety Month is perhaps not the wildest party you’ve ever been invited to, but being involved in the celebration could save your life or the lives of your loved ones. It could definitely result in protecting someone you know from injury. And so Physicians Urgent Care celebrates National Safety Month and invites you to join in on the fun. Getting in on the celebration is simple. As simple as making sure your children are buckled properly into car safety seats – and that you buckle up, too.

Every year, thousands of youngsters are injured or killed in car accidents. And there’s a simple solution. The proper use of car safety seats helps keep kids safe. Taking the time to buckle your children into size- and age-appropriate car safety seats helps protect them from severe or fatal injuries in the event of a car crash. Consider these statistics:

  • Car seat use reduces risk for death to infants by 71%
  • Car seat use reduces risk for death to toddlers (ages 1-4) by 54%
  • Booster seat use reduces risk for children aged 4-8 by 45%
  • Seat belt use for older kids and adults reduces risk for serious injury and death by nearly 50%

Using the correct car seat or booster seat saves lives. The type of seat required depends on your child’s age, weight and height. Take the time and care to install the seat correctly. Where you place the car seat is important, too: in the back seat, in the middle, away from airbags and doors for the greatest protection. Make sure your young ones are always snuggly buckled into an age- and size-appropriate car or booster seat. And be a good example to your kiddos. Always buckle up.

Physicians Urgent Care urges you to obey the law: buckle up, and have your children in appropriate car safety seats when traveling in a motor vehicle. Your family’s health is our concern every day, and especially during National Safety Month.  For the expertise of emergency room doctors when you or your loved ones need immediate medical attention, come into Physicians Urgent Care in Brentwood or Franklin, Tennessee. You’ll be seen by our qualified medical staff within minutes at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit. You never need an appointment, and we’re here for you 7 days a week. For the treatment of injuries or illness, we’re in your neighborhood.

Proper Hydration is Key for Kids At Play

Posted by on May 4, 2015

Hydration is the key to summer fun in the sun - Physicians Urgent Care

The beauty of spring brings about warm weather and active kids. We slather them with sunscreen and send them into the great outdoors. Physicians Urgent Care wants to remind you that when the temperature rises and kids are at play, dehydration becomes a concern.

When their bodies heat up during play at the park or during practice on the field, children sweat less than adults, making it harder for them to cool down. This can ultimately lead to dehydration. Kids don’t think to drink as much as they should when they’re wrapped up in having fun, and that can compound the problem of dehydration quickly.

With dehydration comes the threat of heat-related illnesses. Do you know the warning signs?

  • A dry or sticky-feeling mouth
  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Immediate treatment for mild dehydration is to drink water or sports drinks to re-hydrate the child. Confusion, rapid breathing and a rapid heartbeat signify a more severe dehydration and is a medical emergency. Seek care for your child immediately!

Preventative Tips

If your child is an athlete or is just headed out to play in high temperatures, make sure he or she has plenty to drink before heading out of the house. Send a water bottle to practice in case water is not readily available. Children on the sports field or at the playground should take regular beverage breaks; breaking for fluids every twenty minutes is recommended.

Speak with the coach about scheduling practice and games in the morning or later in the afternoon when the temperatures are more bearable. Dress your children in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing when they’re out in the heat.

Physicians Urgent Care encourages parents to teach children the warning signs of dehydration and to make sure kids drink fluids before, during and after play. Keep them hydrated – keep them in the game.

Physicians Urgent Care in Franklin, and Brentwood, Tennessee is the place to bring your young athlete for a sports physical, or for medical care for your whole family. And you don’t need an appointment to receive unrivaled care by our highly-qualified, compassionate staff. See our ER doctors without the ER wait, or cost. We’re in your neighborhood.

Sports Physicals Protect Young Athletes

Posted by on April 1, 2015

Sports Physicals in Brentwood, TNDo you have a rising middle school or high school athlete who needs to complete the Pre-Participation Physical Exam required by the TSSAA? If you feel this requirement is just one more hurdle you have to make when your child only wants to play ball or go to camp, consider this: The sports physical for your child might save her or his life.

The pre-participation physical exam is required for athletes who participate in school sports and summer camps. The purpose is to screen these young camp attendees and team players for health issues that may pose a risk when they play intense sports.  Medical conditions can be discovered during these exams that may need further evaluation and treatment before practice and competition begin. Health risks may include:

  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Undiagnosed heart conditions
  • Life-threatening problems
  • Lesser issues that still cause concern

The simple purpose of these exams is to ensure that your child is in good health and fit enough to meet the demands of the sport of choice. To protect your child from undiscovered threatening physical problems, sports physicals are made up of two parts:

  • A comprehensive personal and family medical history.
  • A general medical exam by a health care professional.

When these assessments are carried out by the physician, knowledge of the family’s medical history and of the athlete’s medical history can be of great benefit, so make sure someone who may have knowledge of family health history is available during the exam. If an issue is exposed, the doctor is able to explore treatment and therapy that will have the player on the field in time for practice – ready to play.  And you will have peace of mind knowing that your child is in the best physical condition possible.

Bring your rising athlete into your local Physicians Urgent Care for the required sports physical.  Come in any day of the week, and you don’t need to make an appointment. In Brentwood (615-457-3864), and Franklin (615-472-4550), Tennessee, you’ll be seen by an experienced, ER physician and our highly-qualified, compassionate staff.

Kids At Play

Posted by on March 19, 2015

Kids Playing - Physicians Urgent Care in brentwood, TNMost kids love to be on the go. They’re just naturally physically active. “Kids at play” defines normal childhood. One of the symptoms that our children don’t feel good is when they slow down or don’t want to play. As they grow older, the challenge is to get them to be active enough for their own well-being.

Many things seem to conspire against your youngsters being active as they age. Hours in a desk chair at school during the day and busy, working families during evening hours hinder activity. And if your son or daughter feels less than good at sports, that’s a difficulty, too.

Instilling a love of activity in your little ones is very similar to instilling a love for anything else – you present it often, and make it fun.  You can encourage the establishment of fun and healthy patterns for your children that they will carry throughout their adult lives.

Children benefit greatly from the results of regular physical activity and play. Some of the benefits include:

  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Better sleep
  • A positive outlook on life
  • Academic motivation
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Weight control
  • Decreased risk of developing a variety of diseases
  • Skills of teamwork

Find activities that fit your daughter or son.  Encourage participation in sports, the arts and hobbies that provide physical or mental activity.  Choose age-appropriate activities, so your child is neither over-challenged nor bored. Make certain the correct gear or equipment is available when the kids play – ice skates, roller skates, pads, helmets, etc. Remember that top performance is not the goal. Having fun is.

Keep the focus on fun by making opportunities for playing together as a family. Put up a hoop in the driveway. Ride bikes as a family. Jump rope together. Take advantage of the play equipment at the park. Do calisthenics together – good for Dad and Mom, too. Dance to music. Walk the dog.  Remember to keep the kids hydrated while they play.

“Kids at play” is the goal. And playing safe is equally as important.  If an accident should occur, bring your family to your local Physicians Urgent Care. Our patients are seen by an ER doctor without the ER wait or expense. We provide quality, compassionate medical care for a wide range of injuries and illnesses. No appointment is necessary, and we’re here for you seven days a week in both Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee. Play safe, but when you need medical attention, come to Physicians Urgent Care.

Annual Check-ups Are Life-Savers

Posted by on February 10, 2015

Annual Physical in Brentwood, TNAn annual physical exam allows your doctor to perform screenings to help catch health problems early. This annual check-up can be a life-saver when your doctor uses it as a baseline test by which to compare physical changes throughout your life. Developing issues are easily recognized and treatment can come early when disease can best be prevented or halted.

Annual exams are a crucial tool in your physician’s arsenal for preventing many health problems. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer are among the serious health issues that can be caught early through consecutive annual exams. These check-ups provide an opportunity to detect signs of disease that could otherwise progress to life-threatening levels without your yearly, baseline assessment.

Annual physicals allow you to discuss medical issues and questions with your healthcare provider. You have the doctor’s attention: use it to your benefit. Bring up your concerns regarding your health and any physical changes that you’ve noticed. Ask about preventive measures for diseases that concern you. Go over any medications you take. Now is the time to find out about and receive any vaccines you may need.

A thorough annual physical exam builds your medical history and screening results and gives your doctor a quick study regarding what he or she needs to know when you need treatment. From your compiled information, detecting new signs of disease comes earlier and easier, and treatment can have a head start in the fight for your health and even your life.  Your physician can order screenings that are common with your age, personal history and family history. He or she is not hindered or hampered in your treatment, but helped by the compilation of health history at hand.

An annual physical provides early warning of health issues, the opportunity for early treatment, hope of healing and peace of mind. With a history of yearly exams, you are already intimately connected to the resources and quality care you’ll need should a health situation come to light during these annual visits with your doctor.

For your annual physical exam, come to your local Physicians Urgent Care. You’ll be seen quickly, and your physical evaluation will be thorough. Our physicians and competent staff provide you with the highest level of quality, compassionate care. Drop in without an appointment seven days a week. Your illness or injury is our top priority.

We offer sports physicals, pediatric care, care for work-related injury and annual physical exams. Come to Physicians Urgent Care in Franklin (615-472-1550), or Brentwood (615-457-3864), Tennessee when you and your family need medical care.

When the Weather Outside is Frightful – Fun Family Boredom Busters

Posted by on January 16, 2015

Activities To Keep Your Kids Healthy - Urgent Care Clinic in Brentwood, TNDo your kids want to hold up inside when it’s cold outside?  We all may feel the slow-down that comes with winter weather, but we still need to stay active–kids especially.  So what are some fun things that can challenge your youngsters both mental and physical?  We’ve done some research and have come up with some suggestions to help you out.

Inside Ideas

  • Volley Ball: Use rope between two chairs as the net, and blow up balloons to be the volley balls or use beach balls.
  • Build a fort with kitchen chairs and sheets.
  • Have a music session with wooden spoons and pots and pans, and macaroni in a jar.  Do you have a harmonica?  Warning: Parents may want this to be a short session.
  • Dance to music.
  • Clean to music.  Pick up toys as long as the song lasts.  Empty or load the dishwasher till the song ends.  Move to another task with the next song.
  • Exercise to music. This can be a real family affair.  Work ‘em out.  Wear ‘em out.
  • Cook up a meal together – family style.  Little ones can stir, sniff and taste, and everyone can enjoy the fun and the feast.

Keep it fun, and they’ll stay fit in spite of the slower, indoor time of year.


  • Head out for a family hike.  Be on the look-out for interesting conversation starters. Bird watch or skip stones in a stream.
  • Blow bubbles.  If the temperature is cold enough, the bubbles ice up.
  • Got snow?  Build a snowman or a snow fort; make snow angels. Have a fun, old-fashioned snowball fight.

Out of the House

  • Go to the mall, or a local playground.
  • Head out to the skating rink.
  • Locate an indoor swimming pool.
  • Find a climbing wall for the kids.

Keeping kids active year round is important to their overall health and happiness. You can invent healthy fun for them even in the cold months. Pick one of these ideas once in a while, and you’ll all survive the slow-down days.

The family that plays together stays healthy. When anyone in your family needs medical attention, come into your neighborhood Physicians Urgent Care for excellent care without the wait or the expense of the ER. We’re here to protect your family’s health when you need us most. Now located in Brentwood, TN and Franklin, TN.

Kids Will Catch Your Good Habits

Posted by on December 11, 2014

Urgent Care Services in Franklin, TNWe all know the saying that our kids will do what we do, not necessarily what we say, which can be encouraging if what we do is good and right and wise—at least most of the time.  During this winter season, pledge to teach your children to wash their hands often and thoroughly as a cold and flu prevention.  Perhaps then we’d all catch a good habit instead of a bad illness.

We’ve heard it all our lives: Soap and water kills germs and helps keep us healthy. Well it still works. Now it’s time to teach it to our children.  Let’s pass on part of our heritage so it will serve them well too.

According to the American Public Health Association, kids who wash their hands several times a day have considerably fewer colds, flu and similar illnesses.  They also suffer fewer sick days from tummy troubles.

Good hand washing protects against the spread of many illnesses, from common to complex.  Germs are contracted from every surface, including:

  • public bathroom door handles and faucets
  • computer keyboards and the mouse
  • theater seat arm rests
  • escalator handrails
  • elevator buttons
  • shopping cart handles and seats
  • gas pump handles

In fact, study after study reinforces the fact that 80% of infections are spread by hand. 

So when do we have opportunities to teach our offspring about hand washing? When we wash our hands is the simple answer. And we can explain when they should wash their hands after certain activities.

  • Before we eat
  • Before putting in contacts
  • Before and after treating an injury
  • Before and after caring for someone who is ill
  • After using the bathroom
  • After changing a diaper or helping a child use the bathroom
  • After blowing our nose, or coughing or sneezing into our hands
  • After feeding, playing with, or cleaning up after our pets
  • After taking out the garbage
  • After coming in from playing outdoors
  • After being out in public

Instruct and demonstrate the use of warm water and a good lathering of soap, then a thorough rinsing and drying of the hands.  If your little ones can’t quite reach the sink, get a step stool for them. They’ll love it. Kids love to play in water. It isn’t hard to teach them to wash their hands.

Physicians Urgent Care in Brentwood, Tennessee wishes you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.  Cold and flu prevention is important for us all, and hand washing is a simple solution for many of the problems that we want to avoid.  Let’s pass the gift of health through hand washing to our kids.  It’s a gift they’ll use and appreciate all their lives.

‘Tis the Season for the Sniffles

Posted by on November 20, 2014

Upper Respiratory Infection Care in Franklin And Brentwood, TNYou’ve heard it called “the sniffles,” and you’ve most likely had “the sniffles.” It’s most common during the fall months, winter and early spring, and it’s the most common illness resulting in doctor visits and days of missed work and school. But “the sniffles” is an alias. This ailment is most likely a form of upper respiratory infection.

The majority of upper respiratory infections are caused by viruses. Symptoms include having a runny nose, a scratchy, sore throat and a cough. You may experience difficulty in getting a deep breath, and sometimes complications occur, but on the whole, the outlook is good since the symptoms of upper respiratory infections are treatable.

A meaner relative of the upper respiratory infection family is the sinus infection. The most common symptom of this illness is sinus pain.  When the cavities around your nose become inflamed, the swelling and pressure can cause headache and earache. It may feel that your whole face hurts. Add a runny nose and a sore throat into the mix and you’re in for a few days of discomfort.  These symptoms are generally worse in the morning, because of the fluid collection through the night.

Rest is important in combating upper respiratory infections.  Over-the-counter medications will counteract any fever and body aches.  Choose something that calms your cough so you can rest and a decongestant that will allow you to breathe easier.  Drink plenty of fluids to help flush your system and keep you hydrated.

Anytime you’re ill, and especially if you’re unsure of what is causing your illness, you should see a doctor.  If your illness is re-occurring, you may need specific treatment.

When you’re ill, in pain and in a hurry, come into Physicians Urgent Care. Just drive up and walk in – we’re in your neighborhood, and we’re here for you seven days a week. No appointment is necessary, and our ER doctors will see you in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit. When you need medical attention, we’ll provide prompt, qualified, compassionate care, and peace of mind. For directions, hours, and information in Franklin, Tennessee, call 615-472-1550.  In Brentwood, call 615-457-3864.